Traditional style

To date, the most fashionable and relevant trend in the art of tattoo is the traditional style. But many tattoo masters argue that such drawings do not reflect individuality, and their choices are guided only by the desire to look stylish and attract a lot of attention. But even despite the widespread use of such tattoos as butterflies, hearts, ribbons and anchors, the traditional style is distinguished by its rich history and mysterious meaning.

Old school

Many people believe that the first tattoo made sailors themselves. Their work was very dangerous, which is why they painted themselves with different amulets. Because of this various skulls, hearts and crosses appeared on different parts of the body. Of course, sailors traveled to distant countries and the fashion for such tattoos was spread everywhere.

Tattoos in this style can be distinguished by the following features:

  • they are not bulky;
  • not realistic;
  • applied in bright, but not acidic colors;
  • have very thick contours;
  • made based on marine themes.

Over time, all these patterns went to the masses and still remain a very relevant area of ​​tattoo art. Very spread such tattoos and among the criminal environment. As an example, in the United States, ribbons written in large, gothic font, were distributed among the members of numerous street groups. The owners of the most different gangs could be recognized by these drawings.

New school

Unlike the previous style, the «new school» is a blend of modernism and surrealism, which is cut off not only in the subject but also in the color scheme. This is a new trend of people, a new fashion that began to appear, as a protest against all the usual. After all, in our days, teenagers are increasingly trying to portray the characters from some comics or movies. This style has the following differences:

  • bright, acid colors;
  • have some commonality with graffiti;
  • in such a tattoo dominated scenes from various films or books;
  • there are no boundaries between elements and distortion of contours;
  • all forms are made bulk.

Such tattoos in the style of «new school» - these are images for the new generation, protesting against all the usual youth. Such patterns are liked even by creative individuals who want to stand out with the gray mass.

It should be noted that the traditional style of tattoos prevails among women. Young girls are more inclined to decorate themselves with different hearts, colorful butterflies, flowers and ribbons. Men are passionate about the marine theme, where skulls and crosses dominate.

In general, this style is very easy to perform. All that is needed by the author is a well-thought-out plot of the picture. That is why the master must be well-understood in a combination of shades.