Realistic style

The decoration of the human body is not just skill, but talent that has come to us from the distant past. To date, there are many people who support this culture and tattoo themselves all over the body. And so no one will be surprised.

Making a tattoo means emphasizing your individuality, showing creativity, showing yourself and discovering your character. True connoisseurs of this art know that the most popular type of such craft is realism, which originated in the late nineteenth century. It was then that the masters and the first tattoo machines began to appear, because before that they had worked with special needles with needles. All figures performed in this style, instantly come to life and attract a large number of views.

If you also want to decorate yourself with a lively image of a butterfly, spider or bird, capture your own face on the body, then contact our specialists. They have extensive experience in performing works realistic style, and they will be able to professionally translate your idea into reality.

Tips for choosing a tattoo artist

Before you entrust your body to the master, for a start, better familiarize yourself with the portfolio of his work, because this way you will be able to make sure of his professionalism. Since your tattoo will stay with you for life, it is better to follow all the precautions. Moreover, you should know that when performing a tattoo in realistic style, the master should be aware of all the subtleties of working with this technique, which consists of several stages. For a start, this is the choice of the required sketch. The second step is preparation for application, and then the work itself. This is the most difficult and, at the same time, painstaking part, since there should be no mistakes.

When you come to the workshop, you must:

  1. to be in a sober state;
  2. be well rested and ready for the procedure;
  3. come to the session with a person who is ready to support you;
  4. Try not to interfere with the master during the work, as this may worsen the final result.

In addition, you have the right to refuse to apply a tattoo if:

  • you are pregnant or nursing;
  • do you have any skin diseases;
  • during menstruation;
  • body temperature above or below normal.

Tattoos in realistic style are perfect for both men and women. They can be applied on almost all parts of the body, where they will become a real decoration.

If you decide to make a tattoo for yourself, give us a call. We can guarantee you quality work at a price that is pleasant for you.