Ornamental style

This unusual style appeared in far-off Polynesia several hundred years ago. From there, got a second name – Polynesian style. It is noteworthy that to this day, he got practically unchanged, which substantially conquered true lovers of the tattoo. From the beginning, the ornamentals were made exclusively for men. With the needles of a sea urchin, or a shark's teeth, this ritual was considered sacred and held exclusively by a woman. So, if the pattern was inaccurate or had some other flaws, it was considered a shame not only for the warrior, but for the whole of his family. Of course, since then, much has changed, and in particular, details of the use of this technique.

People have long embellished their bodies with various ornaments. But the style, which looks like a modern one, appeared in the Pacific of Polynesia a few centuries ago. The most interesting thing is that over time the appearance of tattoos in the ornamental style has practically not changed. Previously, such pictures were applied only to the male body. It was a whole ritual that was performed exclusively by women. The image was covered with shark teeth or sea urchin needles. But if the pattern had flaws, it was a shame for a warrior and his family. Since then, the technique of implementing such a tattoo and the main reasons have changed.

Features of tattooing in ornamental style

The main difference in style is clear and precise lines, similar to woodcarving. The variety of motifs of patterns impresses, but there are three main plots:

  • geometric elements;
  • flora and fauna;
  • heavenly events.

The tattoos in the ornamental style lay the personal qualities of its owner. It serves as a kind of lure. Therefore, you should first consult with the master about a particular drawing and its significance. Patterns can be easily combined with other styles. But there are certain points worth paying attention to:

  1. the best look will have a great tattoo;
  2. the picture is applied exclusively in black paint;
  3. you can experiment with the shape and elements of the ornament.

But the most important thing is the right and wise choice of a tattoo artist who can help with the choice of image, its size and location. You should also pay attention to the equipment that the tattoo maker will use to work.

If everything is done right then you will get a beautiful tattoo that will not only reflect your inner world, but will also preserve the original look for a long time.