Minimalistic tattoo style

The culture of tattoo contains many different styles, one of the most interesting ones is minimalism. He bites his elegance and conciseness. Having a copy of the concept of small scale, he has long won the favor of most of mankind.

The leakage of this style begins at the dawn of civilization, when people wanted to isolate themselves, but without excessive pathos. These include small forms of geometric figures, a minimum of colors, short sentences. Also animals, flowers, or illustrations and quotations from books. The popularity of this style is mainly in females. Often, such a tattoo looks very intimate with a personal meaning.

Features of a unique style

For all its simplicity, the technique of minimalism has several distinctive features:

  • predominance of clear geometric shapes and lines. The clarity and delineation of figures is inherent in predominantly self-confident people who prefer precision and clarity of any circumstance;
  • minimum number of items. Primitivism of such sketches bribes at a low price. Paints are usually used in the same color, the time spent is also minimal;
  • simplicity and conciseness of the composition. Briefness is the sister of talent, and this is directly related to the quality of the tattoo. The subtleties of such work are in the high-quality equipment and a considerable experience of the master;
  • monochrome image. When applying the tattoo with minimalism, other colors are allowed. For example, green, red and blue. The risk of an allergic reaction is minimized, since all the materials are tested and certified. Also, the work can be done in a simplified version. That is, in this style it is not necessary to apply the whole picture, it will be enough only one contour.

It is interesting to note that this tattoo is most often performed on wrists or ankles. It is also fashionable to put it on the neck. Women prefer this style, because it emphasizes their fragility and femininity. Men also like this technique. It is ideal for those who do not want to color the whole body, but wants to decorate its insignificant area. When choosing a master, it will be no wonder to ask for his portfolio. The leading tattoo artist usually has over 20 copies of sketches. Therefore, choosing a minimalist tattoo, be sure that it definitely will decorate you and look neat and aesthetically pleasing.