Graphic, Whip shading and Dotwork styles

Tattoo skill is not only oblong, rounded or slightly blurred forms. People who are not indifferent to the clear lines drawn on the forms would obviously like the graphic style of the tattoo, which was also called «engraving».

This look has existed for more than fifteen years, but people still mistakenly believe that it can be attributed to tattoos, made in black and gray. It is not so, because it is this style that can be distinguished even by the application technique itself. Drawings are made using clear, straight lines or dotted black shades.

In this case, the plots of such images are completely different: insects, birds, animals. The most popular today, as it turned out, is a wolf tattoo. Such a picture of an absolutely wild and independent creature has always had a great advantage.

Experienced masters in this field are ready to apply even human faces, which ultimately turn out to be incredibly beautiful and realistic. If we talk about the shortcomings, the most important thing is the time for which this tattoo is applied.

Specification of style

Recently, a lot of new techniques and styles. Among them can be distinguished shading Knut. This is an absolutely new technique that is gaining the most popularity. It means applying a pattern by shading, and the desired result is achieved by delaying the needle machine for a long time under the skin of the client.

Whip shading is a style that contains shades of gray and white. This gives him even more charm!

Whip shading style displays:

  1. animals and plants;
  2. patterns and ornaments;
  3. wind or sea waves.

In this case, the best result is achieved by combining with other styles. The resulting picture for a long time attracts the enthusiastic views of others.

Dotwork meaning

Dotwork is «fine work», which is a unique style that is very different from others. The main feature of such work is precisely the point application technique. The best, large-scale works are performed in this style, as small drawings would not cause such a strong delight.

In this style, only high-class masters can provide high-quality performance, so do not forget to take the selection of a specialist responsibly.

Dotwork style created for those who are created in order to go against the system. If you are ready to experiment, then a tattoo of this kind is literally created for you.