Colored tattoo

Color paintings on the body resembling modern ones began to be made in Japan at the end of the 19th century. The most popular were the motives of nature: then the bodies of the Japanese were decorated with mythological animals, birds and fish.

Because of its brightness, colored tattoos are considered the most accepted for women. But at the same time, the techniques of their implementation are the most meticulous. And there are good reasons for this. First and foremost, the case is in the filigree work of the master. Qualitative colored drawings on the body can only be made by truly experienced craftsmen, whose shoulders are decades of work. Also, colored tattoos are considered the most expensive because of the use of a large number of colors. But the result is worth it.

Tips for those who have decided to make a colored tattoo

The fact that in the work should be used only high-quality paint, it is clear and so. Because it's about how long the picture stays bright. But apart from them, there are some other features:

  1. it is best to choose saturated shades (green, blue, yellow, etc.). As practice has shown, dark tones look not very attractive. For example, dark red tones cause many people to associate with human blood. And this, you agree, looks not very good;
  2. before you make a tattoo, you should consult with the master. He will tell you if this tattoo will fit your skin type. It is also recommended to follow what he uses during the procedure. It depends on how long the figure will heal on the body and if there can be an allergy;
  3. as with other styles, you should determine the image that will further adorn your body. There is also an opportunity to change and complement the main motif in the future. Due to this, you can constantly maintain the relevance of tattoos;
  4. but there is one drawback of colored pictures on the body. Due to the use of different colors, the tattoo may lose its brightness. In order to maintain the contrast of the tattoo, always from time to time come to the tattoo maker. He will be able to update the picture. At the same time, care should be given to the skin. If everything is done correctly, then the tattoo will stay in shape for up to 10 years.

Also, the fact that colored tattoos will look best on a large body of the body should be taken into account. The color of the hair and the style of clothing should also fit the figure on the body. Color tattoos are not only a way of expression. This is also what gives a person greater beauty and self-confidence.