Chicano style

The current trend for tattoos today is Chicano style. Today it is not only a popular, but still the youngest direction. However, even despite this, it can be very easily distinguished from other styles, which is its main advantage.

Chicano has a rather interesting story. The main fact is that it is literally impossible to translate this name, but many people thought that this word has some similarity with the definition of «Mexican», meaning «American hunters». Initially, as is known, this style was very popular among Latin American attack groups. After a short period of time, Chicano was no longer a designation, but became a trend among a large number of people.

This style is not just a drawing. The people who put it underline a rather deep meaning, meaning the futility of existence and not accepting the concept of honesty. That is why the image of Chicano many associated with something bad and ominous.

Advantages and disadvantages

As you know, Chicano is a tattoo style in which you will not see bright colors. These are images where black and gray dominate the most. The main theme of this style is death. If bright hues are used here, it is only to emphasize the drop of blood.

The main motives of this style:

  1. female faces, made in the shape of the skull, often with national elements. Such images are considered the most popular and instantly on the Internet gain views;
  2. Bible motives. Oddly enough, at the very beginning such a style was spread only among the poor, relying only on God for everything. The most running pictures of this style, as it turned out, were precisely Jesus and the Virgin Mary;
  3. beautifully painted inscriptions adorning a certain part of the body. They are usually stuffed on the stomach, back, legs, or even shoulders. Such tattoos can emphasize all the brutality of a man and put it in a completely new light for a woman.

It is the mystical image and extraordinary attractiveness that drives people choosing this particular style. However, it should be borne in mind that only a well-trained master will be able to fully convey the whole atmosphere of the person who wants a drawing. Therefore, before you go to the session, make sure that you have made the right choice, since it is difficult to display the image.

The picture made in the style of Chicano allows you to fully show all your individuality and imagination. Such images can not leave anyone indifferent.

Choose exactly our tattoo specialists if you want to attract attention and stand out. We guarantee that the result will exceed all your expectations.