Black and grey

World tattoo culture has fifty different styles. Among them are different in complexity. But one of the most difficult is the black and gray style. The main difference is the organic and distinct shapes. Therefore, the complexity of the style is explained very easily: to make high-quality tattoos available only to experienced craftsman.

The colors used are black and gray. Even such simple colors have different shades. And their contrast plays a major role in black and gray tattoos. Such drawings love to decorate their bodies both women and men.

What distinguishes this style

There are some features that highlight the black and gray style among others:

  • restraint and solidity of images. In this style there is no place for a fantasy flight, because the work is performed in one color according to a strict order of action;
  • in the future, the tattoo can get bored. Therefore, you can always add it to a variety of colored items or adjust it if you follow the trend;
  • practicality of technology allows you to maintain the saturation and contrast of colors for a long time. But this gap depends on the quality of the paints for tattoos and work equipment;
  • the greatest attraction is the cheapness of the process. In the black and gray style only two colors are used. Therefore, there is no need to overpay;
  • also, such pictures on the body are easily combined with other styles of tattoos. And this is an invaluable advantage. Tattoos can be constantly changed and supplemented. This allows you to maintain its relevance and curiosity.

Before you finally decide on the sketch of the future tattoo, it is imperative to consult with the wizard. He will help you choose a picture and explain its meaning. The fact is that the image must reveal its owner and reflect its inner world. Often in the black and gray style, portraits and various items are performed. These can be animals, angels, skulls or portraits of relatives and friends. Also, the inscriptions and ornaments will look appropriate.

The black and gray tattoo has a much deeper meaning and is different from the rest of the styles. There is an option to choose a finished drawing or order an individual sketch from the wizard. In any case, you will have the opportunity to admire the wonderful black and white tattoo made for you.