Tattoo studio in lviv

Tattoo Lviv - 100% guarantee of sterility and safety of all procedures. Tattoo salon in Lviv has all the necessary certificates and licenses for equipment, paints and consumables. Regular inspections of SES show that we are extremely careful about strict compliance with all norms and rules of hygiene, sanitation and safety. The work uses the best modern equipment, paints from leading companies, disposable needles and consumables. And, most importantly, the master of tattoo studio in Lviv has a medical education.

  • Your tattoo will be performed by one of the best masters of Lviv. The experience of the tattoo master is more than 12 years. More than 700 high quality works. A huge number of positive reviews on our page, as well as on various sites and resources, recommendations to friends and acquaintances.
  • The professionalism and creative experience of our master will provide an individual approach to each client. In our tattoo  salon in Lviv there are more than 2000 tattoo sketches of different styles and directions: tribal, Japanese tattoo, ornamental, old school, traditional, biomechanics, Polynesia, Maori - only a small part of what is available. There are also a huge variety of fonts for tattoo inscriptions.
  • Consultations in the tattoo studio in Lviv and making sketches - free of charge. The wizard will help with the selection or production of your unique sketch, will advise on the size and place of application to make the tattoo look spectacular and unique.

It's no secret that many people sometimes in their youth or out of ignorance made a poor quality tattoo. You have the opportunity to get rid of tattoos in our studio in Lviv. Removal is performed by a modern laser, which prevents the appearance of scars and burns. You can also cover or fix a failed tattoo Lviv, the experience of the master allows you to do it with the highest quality.

  • The comfortable, cozy and friendly atmosphere of the tattoo studio will not leave you indifferent. An important and friendly master will please you. A comfortable seating area, as well as tea, coffee and a variety of drinks will help you feel at home.
  • Regular customers receive significant discounts on tattoos

Preparation for tattooing in the salon of Lviv

  • Tattooing in Lviv is a responsible step, and the approach to it should be serious both on the part of the person who decided to take such a step, and on the part of the master chosen by him. There are many factors that should not be overlooked:
  • The psychological mood of the client plays an important role. His good mood will promote calm and relaxation, and this will allow the process of tattooing more efficiently, with the least pain.
  • You should not take painkillers or other medications that may cause bleeding before visiting the master. It is necessary to tell in advance about the available allergic reactions or skin diseases. This will prevent further complications.
  • Since the procedure of tattooing in Lviv is a stressful situation for the body, you should not come in a state of intoxication or immediately after it. Such a visit in the postoperative period should be avoided.
  • To be sure of the quality of the future tattoo, look at the master's portfolio, sometimes it will say more than the diplomas presented. It also does not prevent you from inquiring at the tattoo parlor in Lviv with permits, especially the presence of a contract with the sanitary substation. The main guarantee will be positive feedback from previous customers, especially if you know them personally.
  • If in doubt about the future drawing - consult with a tattoo artist, he may offer an alternative that will suit you better.

Observance of sanitary and hygienic conditions is a guarantee of your health. The tattoo artist's office can be not only thoroughly cleaned, but also disinfected with an ultraviolet lamp. All needles used in the work must be disposable. The nozzles in which the needles are fixed must be sterilized before use. Other tools used for the procedure are also subject to disinfection. The master must work in hygienic gloves. This will protect both the client and the specialist from possible infection.

Tattoo care in Lviv

After the master finishes tattooing Lviv, he will seal it with a sterile napkin or protective film, fixing it with a band-aid or tape. 3-5 hours after the visit - it is recommended to wash the tattoo with baby soap. Do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly before the procedure.

Then, after drying the tattoo, you should apply a thin layer of ointment, which has antibacterial and healing effects. It can be Bepanten, Bepanten + or Depanthenol. According to some masters, it is enough to apply an aftershave cream containing vitamin F. Note that the application layer should not be thick, otherwise it will prevent the penetration of oxygen to the tattoo and its rapid healing. Do not use alcohol-containing liquids (lotions, alcohol). This will cause skin burns and tattoos. To prevent the development of infections, in order to disinfect, the first 3-4 days it is recommended to use antiseptics. In addition to drugs, it is useful to use a tincture of calendula, which has high wound healing properties. Clothes for the first time after tattooing in Lviv should be selected space, made of natural materials. The first week you must adhere to certain restrictions: do not allow the sun to get on the tattoo, do not visit the bath, solarium or pool, especially not to swim in the ponds. To maintain hygiene, you can take a short shower, and leave the bath with shampoo for a later period. Try to provide free access to oxygen to the tattoo. In the future, in the process of tanning, do not forget to smear the tattoo with sunscreen, as well as to prevent rapid fading of the pattern. Despite the fact that tattoos can be done in Lviv at any time, it is still better to plan this procedure for autumn or winter. This will prevent sun exposure and allow for better tattoo healing. Within one month, crusts may appear at the site of the tattoo as a result of wound healing. You should not try to remove them, it threatens the appearance of scars or distorted images. After a while, the body will cope with the violations of the skin, and they will disappear without assistance.

The process of tattooing Lviv

When the client has decided on the image, the contours of the image are transferred with a copier to a tracing paper. The received imprint of a tattoo the master puts on the skin processed by special structure. As a result, there are boundaries beyond which a specialist will get a tattoo in Lviv. Depending on the condition of the client's skin, the location of the drawing on the body, its features, the master independently determines the method of applying the contour. A transfer pencil is usually used for this purpose. Its tip is lowered into a specially designed mascara for tattooing. Since the contour lines are made with one hand movement, the specialist needs precision and hardness. If the tattoo artist allows incorrect movement, the image will be damaged.

Alternatively, three-ply paper can be used to transfer the pattern. The first sheet contains the drawing directly, the second layer is a copier, and the third is a translucent thin paper. When translating a sketch using such paper, complications in the form of shifts are possible. Therefore, the specialist requires increased accuracy and attentiveness. An experienced tattoo artist in Lviv is able to do the work on the eye, using a helium pen to apply the contour of the tattoo. This has its advantages, as the inaccuracies are easily corrected, and especially the skin surface can be used as additional elements of the pattern. In addition, this method is completely painless. After outlining, proceed directly to the process of tattooing. Professionals prefer to use devices that work from the outlet. In this case, the image is clear and evenly colored. Machines of this type minimize the risk of damage to blood vessels, in addition, the patient feels almost no pain, except for a slight tingling at the site of tattooing. First of all fill contours, then start flooding and shadows. The paint flows through a needle shallow into the surface of the dermis, where it remains after healing. You should not try to finish the whole process faster. It is better to tune in for a few sessions. One month after the last procedure, when the skin is restored, you should visit a tattoo parlor in Lviv in order to make possible adjustments.